Art, Design, and Aerospace

A successful approach to building skills and confidence outside of the everyday classroom experience is to form student-teacher teams to work towards a concrete goal or challenge. Innovate Our World takes typical competitions one step beyond the usual through our cutting edge Art, Design, and Aerospace Challenges. Challenges bring together math and science whizzes with artists, designers, and writers to create something beyond a single group's ability – while teaching students how to work together as a project team and think both systematically and innovatively. Any high school or middle school team with an educator/parent leader can apply. See the Challenge description below for more information.

Challenge registrations begin in August 2014

Moon Mission Challenge

The Moon Mission Challenge (MMC) has high school and middle school student teams working with Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP) competitors Astrobotic Technology, Penn State Lunar Lion, or Team Synergy Moon to design a payload based one of their lunar robotic rover missions. Starting in January 2015, teams learn about the Moon, what it takes to operate on its surface, fundamentals of payload engineering, and use that knowledge to create a payload concept which they will present at a capstone event

Students will participate in MMC through a new and exciting virtual environment, the Cyber STEM Academy. Their avatars will visit the MMC moonbase pod and engage in fun and useful content, to get themselves ready for payload design. Once they show their grasp of lunar science, exploration technology, mission history and plans, and systems engineering, they form project teams to select a payload idea based on one of several lunar missions involving robotic rovers visiting an Apollo landing site, prospecting for water ice at a lunar pole, or exploring a lunar lava tube. The teams will use their systems engineering skills to validate their payload idea, build a concept of operations, and create a business case/marketing presentation. They will have the opportunity to consult with our partner engineers as they proceed with conceptual design. Finalists will sell their idea to the MMC judges consisting of panelists from NASA, industry, space organizations, and academia, to win prizes and get a unique experience working on the cutting edge of science and technology.

Please email us at for more information or visit us at the USA Science & Engineering Festival on Sunday, April 27, 2014

MMC Registration Form

Submitting this form enables your team to have access to the materials and experts to participate in the Moon Mission Challenge. It does not commit a student team to the Challenge.

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More details about the Challenge can be found in the following documents:

Moon Mission Challenge Sponsor Information
Participating in the MMC
MMC Resource Guide
MMC Educator's Stipend Guide

Why Here? App Design Challenge
Sponsored by Mindgrub Technologies

Devices such as the iPAD are becoming more popular in the classroom and are moving learners from static content and delivery model to a rich, interactive experience. Inspired by recent apps such as NYPL Biblion, Innovate Our World wants to harness student creativity by introducing a competition for student teams to create their own iPAD or Android apps. Creating an app takes research, content area knowledge, technical skills, and teamwork. This competition is designed to bring students with diverse backgrounds and skills together to create an app that can be used in an interactive learning environment. Students will create location-based app content and make their case to be the one school whose content gets turned into an actual augmented reality app!

Challenge details will be posted after September 2013. Teams will be formed starting this fall and finalist teams will have their content evaluated by a judging panel at the 2014 I3 Conference to see which team's content gets turned into an actual mobile app. The winning team will also get a cash prize and have their app made available for downloading courtesy of IOW.



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